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Vice Chancellor

Dr. Saima Hamid

The Department of Fine Arts is presenting this year’s creative output for the thesis show 2022. 30 students from the department are showcasing their work, of which 18 are from design and 12 from the fine arts section. The title selected for this year’s show - A Cluster of Artists – is evidence of the diversity in the work of the students. History shows that artists have always clustered with Florence and Rome dominating in Renaissance Italy, because of the artists' birthplaces and domestic migration. Similarly Paris, London and New York hold importance for artists of the contemporary world.
This cluster of young visual artists from Fatima Jinnah Women University are a diverse group with many artistic values. Their work shows an application of both traditional and contemporary concepts. Taking inspiration from nature and their surroundings, textile designers are producing works exploring various design sensibilities with inspiration from history, culture, life, and the sustainability of the textile material.
Similarly, the students from communication design have created graphic campaigns as well as illustrative art inspired by society, environment, and the people. This has resulted not only in awareness campaigns on environmental and social issues, as well as writings of authors and poets being turned into beautiful illustrative graphic art.
Both painting and miniature painting students have contributed to this year’s thesis show by making their works realistic as well as abstract in nature. The visual vocabulary of the students shows personal narratives as well as issues pertaining to society. Using a variety of mediums and techniques, students have explored delicate subjects with skill and subtlety thereby exhibiting the depth of their art. A Cluster of Artists will be on display from 5th September 2022.
I wish this cluster the very best for the future!

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Chairperson Depatment Of Fine Arts

Prof. Dr. Mamoona Khan

The showcasing of creative endeavours of the batch 2018-2022 bespeaks the rigorous exercises of their four years learning at the Art and Design Department of FJWU. Works on display are a constellation of heterogeneous artistic fields, covering Painting, Sculpture, Graphic Design, Print Making, Miniature Painting along with Textile Design. It is a great day for the final year students, who strived hard to reach the culmination of their learning process. The last step to cross the threshold of student life and enter in the field as professionals. Each exhibited piece brings to light not only acute observation of the budding creators but also their ingenious imaginative powers that have brought originality in their creations.
The Art and Design department is imparting knowledge in the field since 1999, and have produced competent professionals, who can cater traditional along with modern needs of the aesthetic field. I wish them all successful life and brilliant future.